Tips To Improve Your Forehand Technique

August 2, 2021

The forehand is one of the most essential shots in tennis. As the most frequently used stroke, there’s a powerful opportunity to turn this shot into a weapon.

Ready to take your forehand to the next level? Arun Pant, CA racquet sports assistant general manager, shares his top tips below!


Nail the unit turn

A proper unit turn is the foundation of a successful forehand. Beginning your forehand swing from this position increases your consistency, accuracy and power. This simply means turning your hips and upper body as one unit when you’re preparing to hit the ball, which puts you in a balanced position and engages the core muscles instead of using just your arm.

“Use your left arm to take the racquet all the way back. The more coil you can do, the more uncoiling you can do to hit the ball with maximum power,” says Pant.

One common mistake here is to think of the whole body as the unit. The unit turn starts from the waist and then travels up (rather than starting at your toes). It’s also important not to let your head rotate away from the ball as you turn your shoulders. Keep both eyes pointed at the ball to lock in your target and maintain your balance.

Another key is to start your unit turn from a ready position. Whenever the ball is in play, you should be moving, not just standing still.


Bring your legs into the party

For a more powerful forehand, say goodbye to straight, stiff legs. According to Pant, your legs can help you push off and rotate your hips to utilize the kinetic chain of the forehand effectively.

Make sure you bend from the knees, not the waist, as you drop the ball. Then, as you swing forward to hit the ball, your legs come up. Incorporating the lower body will generate more topspin and consistency. Remember to also keep your back straight and shoulders level.



Ready to hit the court?

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