Two Fun Tennis Drills You Can Do From Home

April 8, 2021

Looking to improve your tennis game from the comfort of your own home?

You’re in luck: CA’s tennis coaches are full of ideas. Check out two simple drills below to enhance your footwork skills and low volley technique.

Remember, regular practice is everything…so have fun with these low-maintenance drills, and enjoy the improvements to your game next time you step on the court!


Footwork drill

Everything starts with the feet — it’s the foundation for your every movement. Tennis is a game of constant movement, yet it’s often overlooked that excellent footwork is the key to being a successful player.

Below, CA tennis coach Lyndall Jordan demos a brief drill you can try at home to develop your footwork and improve your game. To learn more about the importance of footwork in tennis, check out our recent blog post.


Low volley drill

The volley is one of the most important shots in tennis. The low volley in particular demands a ton of coordination and balance, which is why patience and practice are crucial. CA adult tennis director Anna Pomyatinskaya shares a simple low volley drill you can try at home to sharpen your technique and win points from the net with greater confidence.


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