The new CACycle program helps you set your pace and propel toward higher performance

November 26, 2018
Cycling Bike

Jump on the bike with CA’s new cycle classes, designed to rev up your workouts.

By Tim Lemke

Columbia Association’s new CACycle program is introducing several new indoor cycling classes that will help you rev up your workouts — and you can take any or all of them for a spin at CA’s gyms.

CACycle’s five classes are MyCycle (for improving your endurance, strength and power); MyCycle H.I.I.T. (a high-intensity training class); MyMusic (with workouts synced to popular music); MyRide+ (featuring high-definition video screens that take participants on a virtual “journey”); and MyStart (a 15-minute class for newcomers).

Learn more about each of them later on in this story. All are fun, high-energy and results-oriented, featuring new workouts, new music and new interactive elements.

These expanded options are thanks to you and your feedback. CA has offered cycling (or “spin”) classes for years but is now evolving to keep pace with trends.

“We wanted to keep up with what the industry was doing, and also what our members and instructors were telling us they wanted,” said Judy Reese, group fitness supervisor and cycling team leader for Columbia Association. “This has been a really collaborative process.”

Whether you want to attack the course and push yourself or simply get in a good workout while listening to the latest tunes, CACycle will help you set your pace or propel you toward higher performance.

CACycle classes include:

MyCycle – Gain strength, endurance and power through these 45-, 60 or 75-minute workouts. Instructors are trained to not only guide participants through the workout, but also to explain each maneuver and its benefits.

My Cycle H.I.I.T. – A high-intensity interval training workout lasting 45 minutes. Designed to help you burn calories and build muscle quickly. (Available only at Columbia Gym.)

MyMusic – Classes featuring many of the popular current musical hits that you have requested. Instructors are trained to sync these 45- or 60-minute workouts with the beat, tone, and lyrics of songs. “We introduced this because many of our participants really wanted to listen to current songs,” Reese said.

MyRide+ – Classes incorporating high-definition video screens that allow riders to simulate a cycling trek, complete with hills, turns and beautiful scenery. Imagine riding along mountain roads or along the California coast without having to leave Howard County. 45 or 60 minutes. (Available only at Supreme Sports Club)

MyStart – A 15-minute intro class for those who are new to cycling. Learn what to expect and how to customize your bike for a great workout. Available before most classes.

Indoor cycling workouts are simple: participants only need the ability to sit and pedal, and stationary bikes are adjustable to allow for different resistance levels. Class instructors direct participants through a workout with varying intensity levels to build core and leg strength and overall cardiovascular fitness. Devotees of cycling rave about the overall workout and fact that they can exercise without having a hard impact on their major joints.

CA employs about 25 experienced, passionate instructors; all of them hold national group fitness certifications and will provide the support, motivation and coaching you need.

In addition to the new classes, CA expects to upgrade all cycling equipment over the course of the next year at all three fitness clubs.

CA Fit&Play and Golf Fit&Play members can preregister for these classes; class registration begins two days before the class at 2pm online or by calling the club — Columbia Athletic Club (410-730-6744), Columbia Gym (410-531-0800), and Supreme Sports Club (410-381-5355). 1Fit members and former Package Plan members can drop-in on a space-available basis. Front desk check-in is required at least five minutes before class.

For more information, visit CACycle. For class schedules, visit groupfitness.

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