Why Movement Matters: A Message From CA’s Wellness and Fitness Director

June 27, 2022

I’ve been part of the fitness and wellness industry for decades and have seen the definition of health morph and change over that time. Some base it on a number on the scale, the amount they can lift, the consecutive days of workouts or the hours they spend in a gym.

Tavia Patusky

When I came to Columbia Association (CA), that concept of health took on a different meaning once again. People are constantly walking and biking on pathways with their kids. Members greet our team with the enthusiasm typically saved for longtime friends (which, in some cases, they are). Group fitness instructors and trainers call regulars who didn’t make it to a class or session just to check in. I see swimmers and tennis players, golfing novices and pickleball veterans, yogis and marathoners all coming together in Columbia. It’s really all about community.

The pandemic solidified the very real connection between our mental health and movement. More than ever, physical activity is so much more than sweating. It’s an opportunity to boost your mood, make social connections and be proactive about your emotional wellbeing. We all deserve that.

As the new Wellness and Fitness Director at CA, I believe that wellness is truly for everyone. We will continue to find new, innovative ways to celebrate wellness and reach our entire community with opportunities to move. From pop up classes outdoors to upcoming educational “Walk with a Doc” strolls with CA’s Medical Director Dr. Harry Oken, we’re going beyond the walls of our fitness centers to meet you where you are.

The social isolation and increase in sedentary lifestyle during the pandemic has been particularly tough on our community’s kids. That’s why we’re also investing in more ADA-accessible equipment and youth-specific programming to encourage all ages and abilities on their journey to greater wellbeing. 

I’m proud to say that feedback from our members has shown that our commitment to community does make a difference. According to a recent survey, members who feel their expectations are exceeded at CA facilities outnumber those who don’t by almost two to one. It shows me that the connections matter.

On behalf of our entire team, thank you for continuing to show up, for yourself and for each other. We will continue finding ways to celebrate movement together, and we hope that you always feel at home at CA.


Tavia Patusky

CA Wellness and Fitness Director 

Supreme Sports Club General Manager 


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