Columbia Association – Health and Fitness in Columbia, MD

Columbia Association offers a variety of health and fitness services to the community. Regardless of your age, interest or activity level, the following programs can help you achieve optimal wellness.

Group fitness classes held at Columbia Athletic Club, Columbia Gym and Supreme Sports Club are taught by nationally certified fitness instructors. Classes include a broad variety, ranging from ZumbaⒸ, to dance, to yoga and much more.

Aqua classes are available at CA’s three fitness facilities, as well as Columbia Swim Center and CA Outdoor Pools during the summer months.

Mind body classes are available at Haven on the Lake. Designed to relieve stress, increase physical fitness and enhance your overall wellness, classes include aqua fitness, barre and dance, Pilates, yoga and more.

Martial arts classes provide a host of benefits, such as improved concentration, confidence, self-esteem and self-discipline. Children enjoy CA’s martial arts program because it’s fun. Parents have found that it helps instill discipline, self-respect and character development.

Mature adults. CA is dedicated to providing a wealth of services that will improve quality of life for Columbia’s older adult residents and visitors. Health and Fitness programs include exercise classes that are designed to decrease the effects of issues like arthritis, osteoporosis and imbalance.

Other health and fitness programs for mature adults include a variety of opportunities designed to better serve the community. Such opportunities include classes held at Columbia Art Center, Senior Events Shuttle, volunteer opportunities and more.

NewU is comprised of three physician referral programs to help you improve your health and achieve your wellness goals. Fit Beginnings provides guidance on successfully integrating exercise into your life; Columbia Optimal Health pairs physical activity with nutritional counseling and wellness coaching.  Optimal Health for My Baby & Me focuses on pre-through post natal health to ensure optimal wellness for you and your baby.

Personal training. CA’s personal trainers will guide you to a new level of fitness. All of our trainers are certified by nationally accredited certifying organizations and continually build their knowledge through professional training and educational programs. Trainers design a program tailored to your background, lifestyle and level of fitness, so that you can reach your goals.