CACycle – Do What Moves You

We’ve created a fun, high-energy, results-oriented cycling program that’s truly cutting edge.

We talked to members, researched the hottest trends, and explored the newest technology for YOU.

Do you just want to have fun while you sweat or are you looking to rev up your current cycling program? CACycle will help you set your pace or propel you toward higher performance. Take your passion for pedaling to the next level!

Whether you’re a beginner, regular or advanced cyclist (or somewhere in between) – CACycle has a class to fit your needs and goals.

If you want to:

Start with the basics of bike setup – try MyStart
Sync your cycling to popular playlists – try MyMusic
Improve your endurance, strength and power – try MyCycle
Conquer a high-intensity interval class – try MyCycleHIIT
Take a visual journey around the world – try MyRide+®

For more information, please call the fitness club where you are interested in attending classes or email

Columbia Athletic Club: 410-730-6744
Columbia Gym: 410-531-0800
Supreme Sports Club: 410-381-5355


A 15-minute intro class to help you become comfortable with indoor cycling, including customized bike setup. Offered before select classes at each club. Open to all levels.

A fun, upbeat ride focused on the most popular playlists while working up a sweat and getting fit! You can choose between a 45-minute or 60-minute class. Open to all levels.

To find out how you can use music to enhance and improve your workout, click here

An energetic ride with drills focusing on strength, endurance, and power. You can choose a 45-minute or 60-minute class. Open to all levels.

This high-intensity interval training cycle class will push you to your limit! Burn more calories, lose more fat and build more muscle in less time. This class is 45-minutes long. Experience is recommended for this challenging ride. Exclusive to Columbia Gym

The world’s most advanced experience in group indoor cycling! Instructors will lead you as you experience traveling the world using high-definition forward-motion video, all with music helping push you through your journey. Exclusive to Supreme Sports Club

To learn more about how combining music and video improves exercise performance, click here

Classes are led by our team of talented cycle instructors who will get you up to speed – fast!

Our instructors will provide you with:

  • Experience and certification-they hold national fitness certifications and participate in regular continuing education
  • Passion about their craft and an eagerness to share it with you
  • Support, motivation and coaching to help you reach your full potential

You can be assured that you are getting the safest, highest quality and most effective training offered in Howard County by our top team of cycle instructors.