Columbia Association offers martial classes for all ages at Columbia Athletic Club and Columbia Gym.

Free Trial Class

Both CA members and non-members are invited to try a free trial class of martial arts at Columbia Athletic Club or Columbia Gym.

To register for a free trial class, email

Aikido is an ancient, yet modern Japanese Martial Art that involves some throws and joint locks. Aikido focuses not on punches or kicks, but on using opponents own energy against them. Positive aspects include self-defense, physical fitness and peace of mind. No experience necessary.

Try this fun martial arts class with your child! Ask about our free class.

  • Under Class Schedules,
    • For the Monday 6-6:45pm class at Columbia Gym, change it to: Beginner/Intermediate Tae Kwon Do
    • For the Monday, 7:15-8pm class at Columbia Gym, change it to: Advanced Tae Kwon Do
    • For the Wednesday, 6-6:45pm class at Columbia Athletic Club, change it to: Beginner/Intermediate Tae Kwon Do

Judo was created in 1862 by Prof. Jigoro Kano, a Japanese educator, emphasizing throwing and grappling techniques as an effective means of self-defense and physical well-being. In this class, you’ll learn traditional Kodokan Judoin, a relaxed but physically vigorous environment of mutual respect and learning. You’ll gain confidence and improve your physical fitness level. Senior instructor Michael A. Munoz is a 3rd Degree Black Belt with the United States Judo Association. No experience necessary – ask about a free trial class!

Kendo is the modern Japanese martial art of sword-fighting based on traditional Japanese swordsmanship. You’ll develop agility and quickness, improve your posture and poise, enhance your concentration and decision-making abilities while improving your self-confidence. No experience necessary!

Classes are taught by Sean Kim, 6th Dan/Renshi from Washington Kendo Club. Washington Kendo Club is affiliated and accredited with the International Kendo Federation (IKF), All United States Kendo Federation(AUSKF) and Southeast Kendo Federation (SEUSKF).

This program for 4-6 year olds will help prepare children for life. They’ll learn discipline, cooperation and respect. Parents and siblings are invited to participate to provide their child with a comfortable family atmosphere.

This program is part of the United World Martial Arts Association! Tae Kwon Do is a traditional Korean Martial Art known for its flying and spinning kicks. Tae Kwon Do provides a fun and progress-oriented experience that will instill a positive attitude, build confidence and self-esteem, develop character, promote the desire to learn, improve motivation and concentration and teach self-discipline and respect. Classes are taught in a safe and friendly environment. Classes are great for kids and adults.

We also offer a fun family class that parents and children can take together. Classes are ongoing-ask our about monthly deduction plans!

Classes offered are Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced and Family Class. Classes are ongoing.

This program for 2-3-year-olds focuses on balance, coordination, basic listening and motor skills through fun drills, games and activities.

Class Schedules

DayClass TimeClass LocationClass Type
Monday5-5:30pmColumbia GymTiny Dragons
5:30-6pmColumbia GymLil’ Dragons
6-6:45pmColumbia GymBeginner/Intermediate Tae Kwon Do
6:45-7:15pmColumbia GymLil’ Dragons
7:15-8pmColumbia GymAdvanced Tae Kwon Do
DayClass TimeClass LocationClass Type
Tuesday7:30-9:30pmColumbia GymKendo
8:30-10pmColumbia Athletic ClubAikido
DayClass TimeClass LocationClass Type
Wednesday5:30-6pmColumbia Athletic ClubLil’ Dragons
6-6:45pmColumbia Athletic ClubBeginner/Intermediate Tae Kwon Do
6:45-7:30pmColumbia Athletic ClubAdvanced Tae Kwon Do
8:30-10pmColumbia Athletic ClubJudo
DayClass TimeClass LocationClass Type
Thursday5:45-6:30pmColumbia GymBeginner/Intermediate Tae Kwon Do
6:30-7:15pmColumbia GymAdvanced Tae Kwon Do
7:15-8pmColumbia GymFamily Tae Kwon Do
8:30-10pmColumbia Athletic ClubAikido
DayClass TimeClass LocationClass Type
Saturday9-10amColumbia GymTae Kwon Do/Specialty
10-10:30amColumbia GymLil’ Dragons
11am-12:30pmColumbia Athletic ClubAikido
12:30-2pmColumbia Athletic ClubJudo
4:30-6:30pmColumbia GymKendo