What is the difference between Elite & Professional?

All of our trainers are qualified, educated, service-minded and professional individuals. A professional trainer is a personal fitness trainer who holds at least a current nationally recognized personal training certification. An elite trainer is a personal fitness trainer who qualifies as a professional trainer and has achieved one or more advanced level fitness certifications. Elite trainers will also have at least three years of personal training experience. An elite trainer may also have at least a bachelors degree in an exercise science discipline.

How many sessions should I be prepared to do a week and how many should I purchase?

This is something that will be decided by you and your trainer, depending on your goals and availability.
For best results, it is recommended to meet with a trainer at least twice per week.

How do I get started?

Complete and submit a personal training request-Schedule a Fitness Consultation-by clicking on “Contact Us” on the CA Personal Training web page. A CA trainer who meets the criteria you have chosen, will will contact you within two business days. You may also connect with a Fitness Training Supervisor or personal trainer within CA fitness facilities, inquire about training at your facility’s front desk or email Personal.Training@ColumbiaAssociation.org.


How does a trainer get chosen?

A personal trainer referral form is completed on-site, where many specific questions are asked. From the details provided, a personal training liaison, at the club of your choice will decide the best fit for you.