Are you participating in the 2018 Transformation Challenge?

Sign-up now for CA’s new Transformation Challenge with our personal trainers!

The 6-week program starts Monday, February 19 at all three of CA’s fitness clubs.  You don’t have to be a CA member to participate.

You’ll get:

  • Free fitness consultation
  • Unlimited small group training classes each week
  • Weekly nutrition/wellness sessions
  • Weekly emails with training and nutrition tips
  • Special discounts for program participants on other personal training programs
  • Incentives for those who lose a % of weight
  • Kick-off and finale events
  • Prizes for overall men and women’s categories for body fat loss and total weight loss

Classes can be taken at all three clubs. To register for classes, visit the front desk at any CA fitness club. To receive information on next year’s Transformation Challenge, please email

Columbia Athletic Club 410-730-6744
Columbia Gym 410-531-0800
Supreme Sports Club 410-381-5355

Class Schedule and Descriptions:

Location: Supreme Sports Club

Day/Time: Mondays: 7:30pm

Learn a variety of exercises while you chisel your way to a thinner waistline and stronger core muscles in 6-weeks. Workouts will progress each week to include use of body weight, kettle bells, medicine balls and so much more!

Location: Supreme Sports Club

Day/Time: Wednesdays: 7am

Looking for some momentum in your fitness journey? Need a workout you can pull-off in and out of the gym? Want something other than weights and machines to get you going? Like training in group settings? Come join us for a fun, new interactive high-intensity interval group training that only requires you, gravity, and a resistance band. Band Camp is a great challenge for people of all ages and fitness levels. What’s best – every exercise can be done at the gym and at home!

Location: Columbia Gym

Day/Time: Mondays: 7pm

A fun, full body workout utilizing the BOSU. Good for all fitness levels, the BOSU helps with core strength and balance.

Location: Columbia Gym

Day/Time: Mondays and Wednesdays: 7-8am

The high intensity interval class will use light weights and cardio exercises in order to kickstart metabolism and increase the calorie burning process. It will include lateral movements, jumping, cardio, weight lifting and core work at the end of the workout.

Location: Columbia Gym

Day/Time: Tuesdays: 9:30am

Total body resistance and cardio training simultaneously using kettlebells, TRX, battle ropes and medicine balls for a fun fat loss workout.

Location: Supreme Sports Club

Day/Time: Tuesdays: 7pm

A class focusing on the proper use of kettlebell equipment, implementing proper form while using the equipment and strength training.

Location: Columbia Athletic Club

Day/Time: Saturdays: 11:30am

This class will teach you how to effectively punch, kick and do basic boxing exercises, while offering learning tools and insight that will last a lifetime. Body transformation and fat blasting with battle ropes and core work too!

Location: Columbia Athletic Club

Day/Time: Thursday: 6pm

Learn how to get the most out of your precious time at the gym with a full-body workout that intersperses machines, free weights, cardio and core for all over toning, conditioning, strength, endurance and calorie burning. This is a workout that you’ll be able to keep doing yourself using readily available gym equipment and space!

Location: Columbia Athletic Club

Day/Time: Wednesdays: 9am

Unify body, mind and spirit with guided stretching set to light music. Learn the importance of breathing without complex positions.

Location: Columbia Athletic Club

Day/Time: Mondays/Thursdays: 5:30pm

A combination of circuit training, INSANITY®, and plyometrics will get your heart rate soaring and the fat melting off your body. Come ready to work hard, get stronger and sweat a lot!

Location: Columbia Gym

Day/Time: Mondays: 8am

A total body conditioning program that builds body strength, flexibility and core at the same time. Suspension training system harnesses your own body weight to create resistance as you workout and allows you to adjust the degree of difficulty; regardless of your fitness level, age or fitness goals. The class also implements kettlebells, weights, BOSU and stability balls.

Week 1Starting Fresh: Ins and Outs of Detox DietsTue, Feb. 206:30pmColumbia Gym
Week 2Mindful EatingSat, Mar. 310amCA Headquarters
Week 3Good Fats/Bad FatsTue, Mar. 66:30pmColumbia Gym
Week 4Controlling Stress for Overall Health and Weight LossThu, Mar. 156:30pmColumbia Gym
Week 5Tricky AdvertisingSat, Mar. 1710amColumbia Gym
Week 6How to Break Through a Plateau: Diet and Exercise StrategiesTue, Mar. 277pmColumbia Gym