Columbia Association is seeking a part-time Housekeeper for Columbia Gym. The Housekeeper will assist in overall operation, organization, and maintenance of the club, performing the major cleaning and refinishing functions in accordance with the club’s standard procedures of the Housekeeping Division and in accordance with Columbia Gym’s and the Department of Sport and Fitness objectives.

The Housekeeper will use cleaning devices such as automatic floor equipment, buffers, commercial vacuums, mop and wringer and other necessary equipment, tools, products, and supplies.

The Housekeeping Division is team-oriented and is set up in a flexible manner to allow for the use of each staff member’s strengths in different required areas of work. This position is assigned to work with specific tasks and responsible for working in assigned areas for all aspects of the housekeeping needs. As a team member, he or she will assist others as needed.

This position will perform all duties assigned in training mode for identified lengths of time in order to learn the housekeeping functions.

Please click here to apply before the December 31, 2019 due date.