Bat, Skate, Putt

Columbia SportsPark has an 18-hole mini-golf course, 10 batting cages, clubhouse, two 600-foot pavilions and a playground. The mini-golf course was designed with extensive landscaping as a theme to create an immersive experience.
It is also home to Columbia SkatePark, which is a fun and safe place for kids to skateboard and in-line skate. The SkatePark has quarter pipes, a vert ramp, two jump boxes, a half pyramid, four-foot spine and two wooden ramps.

Price Ranges



Free-$9.50 per person

Batting Cages

$1.50-$10 per person


Free-$6 per person

*Pricing varies based on CA Membership type

Visit Columbia SportsPark

Address: 5453 Harpers Farm Road, Columbia, MD 21044

Phone: 410-715-3054


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