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Ready to get stronger and healthier? Columbia Association has a wide range of group fitness classes — offered at Columbia Athletic Club, Columbia Gym and Supreme Sports Club — to add variety to your workout. With more than 150 classes to choose from, say goodbye to a boring routine. Whether you want to make a splash in an aqua fitness class or get your heart rate up in a cardio class, we have plenty of exciting options to keep you moving.

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Columbia Association Group Fitness

All of our group fitness classes are taught by certified instructors. Here’s a sample of some of our class offerings:

Cardio Classes

Ready to get your heart and feel-good endorphins pumping? CA offers a variety of fun group cardio classes that will have you dancing, stepping, toning and kicking your way to a healthier lifestyle. Classes include:

Athletic Step – Step With or without the step platform, push your body with varied, but never complex, athletic moves, all to motivating music. May include plyometrics. For all fitness levels.

Cardio Tone – A mix of cardio, strength training and core using bodyweight and light hand weights. For all fitness levels.

Kickboxing – Build stamina, improve coordination and flexibility, and burn calories as you build lean muscle with this fun and challenging workout. For all fitness levels. 

Les Mills BodyCombat™ – A fun, high-energy martial arts class. Learn moves from karate, tae kwon do, boxing, and more with no contact and no equipment. For all fitness levels.

MyMusic – An upbeat cycling class focused on the most popular playlists while working up a sweat and getting fit! For all fitness levels.

Zumba® – A fitness party workout that includes exciting and unique Latin rhythms and moves. For all fitness levels.


Strength Classes

Become the strongest version of yourself in a supportive environment. Classes include:

Basic Training – Outdoor class that includes running and intense intervals combining cardiovascular training, resistance training, and functional training.

BodyPump™ – Weight training set to motivating music, using barbells with changeable weights. For all fitness levels.

Body Sculpt – A mix of strength training and core work using weights. For all fitness levels.

CoreFit and Tone – Strengthen and tone abs, lower back, and core with functional weight training using bodyweight and light hand weights. For all fitness levels.

Total Body Barre – Strengthen, sculpt, and stretch the entire body using dumbbells and ballet-inspired movements without a barre. May include cardio elements such as boxing. For all fitness levels.

Mind-Body Classes

Grab your mat and escape the day’s stresses as you get in shape. Classes include:

Aqua Yoga – Enhance physical, mental, and emotional health with yoga while warm water offers your body support. For all levels.

Barre Pilates – A non-impact blend of Mat Pilates and Barre Movement, focusing on building strength, increasing muscle tone and improving flexibility.

Flow Yoga – Vinyasa style of yoga that stretches and strengthens the body. This dynamic practice cultivates presence by connecting movement with breath. For all fitness levels.

Mat Pilates – This inspiring and uplifting class will lengthen and strengthen your body, especially your core. For all fitness levels.

Yoga – All-level class focusing on static poses to increase flexibility, strength and endurance. 

Yoga Sculpt – Mindful flows meet bodyweight training and the use of light weights. For all levels.

CA Fitness Clubs

Columbia Athletic Club

5435 Beaverkill Road

Phone: 410-730-6744

Columbia Gym

6151 Daylong Lane

Phone: 410-531-0800

Supreme Sports Club

7080 Deepage Drive

Phone: 410-381-5355

8/11/2021 6:54pm: The Columbia Gym will be closed for the remainder of the evening due to a power outage.