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Exercise Your Mind and Body

Ready to escape the day’s stresses as you get in shape? Columbia Association’s mind-body classes, taught by friendly and highly qualified instructors, are designed to strengthen your body and calm your mind. A wide range of classes are offered at our three fitness clubs — Columbia Athletic Club, Columbia Gym and Supreme Sports Club.

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Mind-Body Classes

All of our group fitness classes are taught by certified instructors. Here’s a sample of some of our class offerings:

Yoga Classes

Yoga reduces stress, enhances flexibility and increases total-body strength. Some of our yoga classes include:

Aqua Yoga — A gentle, low-impact workout that relieves pressure on your joints while improving your balance, flexibility and strength. All levels welcome.

Yoga — An all-level class focusing on static poses to increase flexibility, strength and endurance. Variations included enhancing the member experience. All levels welcome.

Yoga Sculpt — Yoga and Pilates-inspired class includes mindful flows, bodyweight training, and cardio components. May include lightweights. All levels.

Pilates Classes

Pilates is a low-impact movement system for all ages designed by Joseph Pilates. This system of exercises was designed to work the deep core muscles of the body to enhance performance in daily life and athletics. Some of our Pilates classes includes:

Barre Pilates — A non-impact blend of Mat Pilates and Barre Movement, focusing on building strength, increasing muscle tone and improving flexibility.

Mat Pilates — A strengthening and lengthening form of exercise designed specifically to be performed on a mat.

Pilates Reformer — Using the Reformer machine, this class builds core stability and improves posture.

Barre Classes

Barre-based classes incorporate movements from a variety of disciplines such as ballet, Pilates and yoga and have been found to be effective in strengthening and body shaping. Some of our barre classes include:

Barre — A variety of props such as bands, balls, and weights are used. All levels welcome.

Ballet Barre — This ballet barre class includes traditional ballet techniques, plus toning.

Total Body Barre — Strengthen, sculpt, and stretch the entire body using dumbbells and ballet-inspired movements without a barre

CA Fitness Clubs

Columbia Athletic Club

5435 Beaverkill Road

Phone: 410-730-6744

Columbia Gym

6151 Daylong Lane

Phone: 410-531-0800

Supreme Sports Club

7080 Deepage Drive

Phone: 410-381-5355