Questions & Answers, New Membership Structure

Why is CA changing its membership structure?

CA’s Board of Directors asked the CA leadership team to hire a consultant to evaluate the current membership structure and make recommendations for changes to make CA more competitive and better able to meet the community’s needs. CA hired Club Intel, who administered a survey, held focus groups, analyzed membership data and met with CA staff to understand current issues and make recommendations.

CA’s senior leadership team examined their recommendations, made adjustments that reflect the unique nature of CA, and presented their recommended new membership structure and rates to CA’s Board of Directors in spring 2016. The Board approved those recommendations.

Why is CA waiting until May 1, 2017 to implement the new membership structure?

The new membership structure requires significant set-up and programming within the software system structure prior to making it live, and it is projected to take that long to complete this task.

What will happen to current CA members on May 1, 2017?

As a current member, you will be transitioned automatically to the membership plan that is closest to that which you currently hold.

How much will I pay for the new membership?

On May 1, 2017 only your membership plan type will change; you will continue to pay your current monthly deduction until your membership is up for renewal.

For example, if your current renewal date is April 17, 2017 and you have a family Package Plan Plus membership your monthly renewal rate will be $94 per month. On May 1, 2017, your new membership plan type will be CA Fit & Play, but your monthly renewal rate will remain $94 until April 17, 2018.

How much will the new memberships cost?

Rates for both new and renewing members are posted on the CA website under Membership, New Membership Restructure – two separate links – one for new member rates and one for renewal rates.

What will happen to Season Pass holders?

CA no longer sells Fairway Hills, Ice Rink and SkatePark season passes. Owen Brown Bubble season passes will no longer be available effective April 30, 2017.

Daily Golf members may keep their current plan: if you choose to leave the Daily Golf plan to become a CA Fit & Play or any other type of member, you could not return to Daily Golf in the future – it would not be available to you.

Are Haven memberships changing also?

The Haven membership structure will not change. Haven’s fee structure was changed in January 2016, as the first step in making its membership options more desirable to residents. The only change reflected will be the CA plan with which your add-on Haven membership is associated.

What else is changing besides membership plans?

CA facilities will change to reflect the new membership access. As of May 1, members who are eligible to use our clubs may use any equipment in that facility. Classes currently offered free of charge will be available to more members.

Our facilities are also undergoing major renovations that will be reflected in structural changes and upgrades, new paint schemes and engaging messaging displayed throughout, in addition to the regular equipment purchases and upgrades that are made on a regular basis. These changes will not all happen immediately but are planned over the next few years.

Will members be billed a new/different rate that reflects the new membership category to which they’ve been transitioned?

Unless you decide to change to a different membership type than that to which you were moved, your rate will not change until your scheduled renewal.

When will we make the new membership types available for purchase?

As of May 1, 2017, non-members may purchase the new membership types.

What discounts will CA honor in the new membership program?

–CA will offer an income-qualified discount that is 50% off the new member rate for those who are eligible for the resident rate.

–CA will offer a 10% discount off of the new member rate for seniors who are eligible for the resident rate.

As is currently the case, discounts may not be combined.

How will guest visits work?

Guest visits will retain the inherent privileges of your membership type and the benefits associated with that membership. Some memberships receive one free guest visit per month, and others receive two guest visits per month. These guest visits do not accumulate: they must be used in the month issued.

Example: you have a CA Fit&Play membership and receive 2 guest visits each month. You have not used your monthly allotment received in May, June and July. In August, you have a family of 4 visiting you. You have 2 guest visits you may use that were issued in August. You must purchase additional guest visits for the other 2 visitors. You have “lost” the guest visits issued in previous months that were not used.

I will not use all of the activities associated with my membership. Why do I have to pay for them?

Activities such as those that are part of the new Play membership are added-value: you will not be paying more than you paid for what was previously a “Pool” membership, aside from the CA  Board-approved annual increase.

What classes will still require pre-registration?

BodyPump, BodyStep, yoga and cycling will retain the same preregistration procedures and policies that are currently in place: existing PPP members who transition to CA Fit&Play and Golf Fit & Play memberships may register online for these classes beginning at 2pm, 2 days before the class begins. In-person or phone registrations begin 24 hours in advance. All other members at the clubs may take these classes, but on a space-available basis.