Definition of Family and Adult Children

A family is up to two adults and his/her tax-dependent children younger than the age of 26 living at the same address. The only exceptions to this are:

  1. Elderly parents who live with the family and who are claimed as dependents. Verification required.
  2. Disabled children who live with the family and who are claimed as dependents. Verification required.

Changes in Your Membership Data

Please notify the Customer and Member Service Center (6310 Hillside Court, off Stevens Forest Road and Broken Land Parkway) immediately if your address, bank, credit/debit card or other membership data changes. By keeping us informed, you will be better served and will avoid service charges or other fees. See below for more details regarding Renewal, Early Resignation and Default Provisions.

COVID-19 Liability Waiver

The Principal Members acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19 and voluntarily assume the risk that they and their Members may be exposed to or infected by COVID-19 while on site or participating in classes and activities at a CA facility, and that such exposure or infection may result in bodily injury, illness, permanent disability or death. The Principal Members on their own behalf and on behalf of their Members release, indemnify and hold harmless the CA Indemnities from any claims, loss, liability, or expense, arising out of or related to such COVID-19 exposure or infection.

Early Resignation

Early termination does not apply to 5Day Golf&Play, 7Day Golf, Play or month-to-month memberships. If you are still in contract for one or multiple years and you wish to terminate your contract for medical or other reasons, you may pay a cancellation fee and turn in your membership cards. The cancellation fee will vary according to your type of membership plan and the remaining term of your contract. Contact the Customer and Member Service Center at 410-730-1801 or visit 6310 Hillside Court, off Stevens Forest Road and Broken Land Parkway, to speak with a representative who will tell you the cost for early termination of your membership. Non-use does not relieve you of your payment obligation.

Default Provisions

In the event that any check or draft to CA’s order for payments due under this agreement is not honored or any credit/debit card charge is declined or if any fee for any CA services or assessments is not paid, in addition to other rights that CA may have to collect the amounts due, CA shall have the right to:

  1. Suspend services under this and any other CA agreement to all member(s) on this agreement until the payments due are made, and/or
  2. Assess a service charge for each check or draft dishonored or credit/debit card charge declined in order to reimburse CA for its collection expenses, and/or
  3. Amend the monthly deduction authorization or credit/debit card charge contained in this agreement so that any past due amounts may be added to the remaining monthly payments due under the agreement, and/or
  4. Terminate services covered by this Agreement and collect the entire remainder of the full membership fee as well as a reasonable sum to reimburse CA for its costs of collection.


Unless the membership has been paid in full or if it is a Play, Golf Fit &Play, 5Day Golf&Play or 7Day Golf membership, a one-year membership shall automatically renew at the end of the one-year term on a month-to-month basis and thereafter shall continue as month to month, or the Principal Member(s) may elect to renew for a new one-year term. Play, Golf Fit &Play, 5Day Golf&Play or 7Day Golf memberships renew on an annual basis and CA must be paid the entire cost of the membership for early termination. One-year memberships will renew at the renewal rate in effect on the renewal date. Month-to-month membership fees may be increased on May 1 each year to the annual new member rate.

For all types of memberships, CA will provide notice to members at least 45 days in advance of the increase effective date. Renewal membership fees shall be payable in the same manner as the initial membership fee unless CA agrees in writing to a different manner of payment.

Please notify CA in writing of your intent to terminate 35 days prior to your desired cancellation date.

Inclement Weather Policy

It is the policy of the CA to remain open during inclement weather for business and normal facility operations. However, from time to time it may be necessary to close one or more of CA’s facilities or services.

The 24/7/365 inclement weather hotline is available for anyone who would like to be informed of any facility late openings or closings due to weather or emergency related announcements. The hotline number is 410-715-3154.

Notifications will also be posted on CA’s website and CA’s Facebook page, and sent out via text message and/or email to CA Urgent Notification subscribers. Click here to subscribe.  CA reserves the right to update or change this policy.

Electronic Guest Passes

1Fit, Play, CA Fit&Play, 5Day Golf&Play, 7Day Golf, Golf Fit&Play, and Haven on the Lake members receive electronic guest passes upon joining or renewing. Members may purchase additional discounted electronic guest passes at the Customer and Member Service Center (410-730-1801; 6310 Hillside Court, off Stevens Forest Road and Broken Land Parkway), or at any other year-round facility. Guests who live within 25 miles of Columbia are limited to six visits per calendar year per household to all facilities combined as the guest of a member. Guests must present their driver’s license, accompany a member and comply with CA’s guest admission procedures. There are no refunds or transferring of guest passes. Free guest visits must be used each month. They do not accumulate. Guest passes are valid until midnight on the date of issue.

A non-member day pass may be purchased for $25 per person age 14 years and older; it is valid for one calendar day.


Membership privileges can be revoked for inappropriate, abusive, threatening, unruly, disruptive or otherwise unacceptable behavior while visiting CA’s facilities or communicating with a CA employee, covenant violations persist on CA assessed property that the Member(s) own(s), or the CA annual charge on property that the Member(s) own(s) or any other financial obligation owed by the Member(s) to CA is delinquent and remains unpaid.

Tampering with a membership card or allowing it to be used improperly is illegal and subject to revocation of membership privileges.