Choose your CA membership and get going.

Only annual memberships can be purchased online. To ensure you receive the best rate possible, call or visit one of our three fitness clubs to speak with a sales representative:

  • Columbia Athletic Club: 5435 Beaverkill Road, 410-730-6744
  • Columbia Gym: 6151 Daylong Lane, 410-531-0800
  • Supreme Sports Club: 7080 Deepage Drive, 410-381-5355

Please call or visit the fitness clubs or CA’s Customer and Member Service Center (6310 Hillside Court, 410-730-1801) to purchase a month-to-month membership.

Membership typeNon-CA resident/monthCA resident/month
CA Fit&Play$94$141$169$87$119$124
7Day Golf$353$464N/A$313$397N/A
5Day Golf&Play$257$367N/A$218$330N/A
Golf Fit&Play$475$523$523$365$396$396

Prices are subject to change.