A Message in Support of Ukraine

March 10, 2022

Building community takes purposeful engagement. Keeping a sense of community alive takes commitment and vigilance. Silence does not strengthen community. To be an inclusive community means we must speak up and speak out for one another. It is a concerted choice we all make to fully engage our global community. It’s the kind of action that demonstrates Columbia Association’s (CA) values, especially at times when we are in need of connection and unity.


Our team recognizes the ongoing tragedy in Ukraine and stands with those directly impacted. Our hearts go out to every person who has been confronted with this conflict and forced to experience it firsthand. Like many of you, we have been trying to sort through all the emotions and struggles of working through our daily tasks while reconciling the updates and images of war. We stand with those who stand up for the ideals of democracy. We respect and value the sacrifice and vigilance it takes for democracy to work for all.


We are also mindful that CA – like many modern organizations – conducts business with global companies in several different ways. We have seen a number of those international corporations take concerted action or make statements in support of the Ukrainian people. CA and many others continue to navigate the impacts of those relationships and gauge our responsibility. We will remain vigilant in our awareness and review of the role global business plays in this conflict. We continue to assess our relationships and interactions to act in ways that do not conflict with CA’s mission and values. 

As a small symbolic gesture, CA will be lighting the fountain and the People Tree by the Downtown Columbia Lakefront in blue and yellow, like others in our community, in solidarity with Ukraine. We encourage our friends and neighbors to show their support to those suffering or hurting any way they can. This can include pledging donations to refugee support efforts (click here for more information on the UN Refugee Agency), checking on your neighbor or getting more engaged and speaking out right here in our corner of the world.


During this challenging time, I hope that everyone finds ways to stay strong but not silent.


Lakey Boyd



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