Building on Columbia’s Foundation of Equity and Inclusion

April 20, 2021

In light of a decision in the trial of the man charged with killing George Floyd, – a case that captured the attention of our Columbia community and the events of which inspired demonstrations here last year – the following is a statement from Columbia Association (CA) Board of Directors Chair Andy Stack and President/CEO Milton W. Matthews: 


The challenges and traumas connected to the mistreatment of others are not exclusive to those who are the direct recipients of these belligerent acts, whatever form they may take. Every time we witness an act that diminishes the humanity of another, we are reminded that there is much more work to do to live up to the ideals upon which the Columbia community was founded and built. The principles of equality and inclusion are in the foundation of the Columbia community, and more than 50 years later, the importance of each never resonated louder. 


CA has always been committed to serving a diverse and dynamic group of community stakeholders. This organization aims to create spaces where every person of every background can feel safe and welcome. 


We understand that the work is far from over. We anticipate the need to adjust to the changing needs of our community, continuing to serve as a model for other communities throughout the country. CA will continue to participate in crucial conversations and take meaningful action when it comes to addressing these issues and celebrating the experiences of each and every individual.

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