New Mask Mandates For CA Fitness Facilities

November 18, 2020

Mask Requirement Changing Friday, November 20


Looking out for you and your neighbors


In Columbia, we care about our neighbors. It’s one of the many things that makes this community a great place to live, work and play. 

Columbia Association (CA) continues to make calculated decisions about all of our resources. We are constantly tapped into the latest COVID-19 information and recommendations. State and county officials recently put new restrictions in place due to a rising number of cases. We’re also well into flu season. The weather is going to force more of us indoors. We’re all looking for any way to celebrate the holidays with our families. 


We have always valued our community’s health and wellness. We have the responsibility to make sure the experiences we provide support all of us getting through this second surge. 


All of this to say that we are committed to doing our part so we can overcome this challenge together. We’re making some changes to make sure we continue to promote the wellness this community prides itself on while keeping you and your loved ones as safe as possible.


New mask mandate


However you choose to do it, staying physically active is an important part of strengthening your immune system this time of year. We will continue to monitor all of the available data and guidance – both locally and nationally – and adjust our procedures accordingly. The goal is to provide the safest possible for you to keep your mind, body and immune system strong. 


Following  state and CDC guidelines up to this point, we have required masks and face coverings in our fitness facilities unless you are actively participating in high intensity interval training or cardio exercise.


Considering current conditions and case numbers, we are now making masks mandatory at all times. That means unless you are in the pool, you are expected to sport some sort of face covering.


We know this will be an inconvenience for a lot of our members. It might be uncomfortable, even awkward at first. But we are confident it’s the right thing to do in order to create an even safer environment for everyone walking through our doors. 



In the context of clean


The CDC continues to identify masks as one of the most important things any of us can do to protect ourselves and our neighbors. That said, CA has taken a number of other steps to bring fresh air into the clubs, kill any germs circulating in the air, sanitize surfaces and keep members physically distanced. We will also start requiring temperature checks for anyone entering our fitness facilities. 


As we create the most safe environment possible for everyone who works in and enjoys our facilities, we’re counting on you as well. Keep washing those hands and staying six feet away from others. While we know it will be very tempting this time of year, avoid social gatherings. It is one of the top ways we’ve seen COVID-19 spread in Howard County.


We’re still here for you. We just want to be here in the safest possible way.


Oh, and if you’re looking for the most breathable masks for working out, our trainers have shared their favorite masks for fitness in this blog post.


Learn more about the ways CA is committed to your health and wellness, and what each individual facility is doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

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