New Programs Moving to CA’s Fitness Clubs From Haven

April 5, 2021

With the upcoming closure of Haven on the Lake, our goal is to continue bringing our members the best experience possible. We are working hard to expand our mind-body offerings and transition as many Haven programs and team members as possible to other CA facilities.

More details will be forthcoming, but here’s what we know so far…



  • All of Haven’s Pilates teachers are moving to Columbia Gym, where a brand-new studio will open in mid-May. You’ll also notice all the same equipment you’re used to, from the reformers to the chairs.
  • Just like at Haven, Pilates will continue to be fee-based at CG. There will be privates, duets and reformer groups. Five and ten class packages will be available for the groups.
  • Mat Pilates will be offered at one or more clubs, free to CA Fit&Play and 1Fit members at the club where it is offered.
  • The new Barre Pilates class will continue at Columbia Gym (Mondays 9:30 am).


Barre Program

  • CA is in the works of installing a physical barre at Columbia Gym. A traditional barre program will launch in mid-May, free to CA Fit&Play and CCG1Fit members.
  • Total Body Barre classes (without a barre) will continue at all three fitness clubs, free to members.


Aqua Spin

  • Haven’s Hydrorider aqua bikes will move to Columbia Gym in early May.
  • Aqua Spin classes will be offered three times per week in the summer, and more classes will be added in the fall. Free to CA Fit&Play and CG1Fit members.


Aqua Yoga

  • Aqua yoga class will now be offered in the Columbia Athletic Club therapy pool starting May 5 on Wednesdays at 9:30 am.
  • The class will be free to CA Fit&Play andAC1Fit members.


Aerial Yoga

  • Aerial workshops fee-based program will begin in May at Columbia Gym.


Community Classes

  • Community Tai Chi classes will move to Columbia Athletic Club (Sundays 11 am). Free to CAFit&Play and AC1Fit members, and $7 for Columbia Card holders on a space-available basis.
  • There will be a new monthly outdoor yoga class held at the Chrysalis in Symphony Woods from May to September (5/8, 6/10, 7/10, 8/14, 9/11 and 10/16). This will be a free class open to the community and held 9-10 am (except for 5/8, which will be 8:30-9:30 am). Bring your own yoga mat.



We’re currently working on updating the schedule at CA’s fitness clubs to incorporate the incredible Haven instructors. While not all details are set in stone, the table below provides a quick look at what we know at this time (schedule subject to change).


Teacher Class Type Classes currently teaching or will teach at other CA facilities
Suangela Abrams Yoga, Barre, Pilates Teaching Mon 9:30 am Barre Pilates & Thurs Yoga 6 pm at CG. Will teach Pilates and Aerial Yoga at CG. Will teach Fri 10:45 am yoga at SSC.
Vicki Burns Pilates, Barre Teaches Aqua Combo Mon & Tues 8 am at swim center, Build Your Bones Tues 1:45 pm (60+) and Thurs 12 pm at AC, will teach Pilates at CG.
Kerri Cooke Yoga Will teach Yoga at Stevens Forest Pavilion in summer Tues 8:30 am.
Linda Dilmore Yoga Teaches Yoga Tues 6 pm at AC.
Stella Fanzone Yoga, Pilates Working on the schedule.
Meredith Futernick Yoga Working on the schedule. Will teach special classes.
Lindsey Greer Yoga Teaches Yoga Mon 6:45 pm and Tues 10:45 am at CG.
Ling Hanson Yoga, Aqua Teaches Yoga Wed 10:30 am & Sat 9:30 am at CG. Teaches Yoga Fri 6 pm at CG. Will teach Aqua Spin Mon 9:30 am at CG and Aqua Yoga Wed 9:30 am .at AC starting in May.
Beth MacMullen Yoga Working on the schedule. Will teach special workshops.
Samantha Orlando Aerial Yoga, TRX Working on the schedule.
Yonghee Schaffer Yoga Teaches Yoga Tues & Fri 10:30 am at AC.
Internal Energy
MeiJi Shih Tai Chi Will teach Tai Chi community class at AC. The new time is Sun 11 am.
Roxy Berkheimer Barre, TRX Teaches Zumba Wed 7:30 pm & BodyPump Thurs 6:35 pm at AC.
Jillian Berman Barre Teaches Total Body Barre Mon 7:30 pm at AC and Cycling Thurs 5:45 pm at SSC. Will teach Ballet Barre on Sun at 11 am at CG.
Maya Bullock Pilates, Barre Will teach Pilates at CG. Working on the schedule.
Rachel Kemp Cardio Barre, TRX Teaches Body Sculpt Tues 10:45 am & Total Body Barre Fri 10:45 am at SSC. Offers personal training at SSC.
Laurie Mambert Cardio Barre Will teach Barre at CG.
Aya Matsune TRX Teaches Kickboxing Mon 6:30 pm at AC, BodyCombat Tues & Thurs 9:30 am at CG, HIIT Plus Fri 8:45 am and Tae Bo Sat 10:30 am at SSC.
Christine Twele TRX, Aerial Yoga Working on the schedule.
Sara Wilson Barre Teaches Yoga Sculpt Wed 9:30 am, Cycling Wed 5:45 pm, HIIT Plus Wed 10:45 am, and Yoga Sculpt Thurs 7:30 pm at SSC. Teaches Total Body Barre Tues 10:45 am & Yoga Sculpt Sun 11:30 am at AC. Will teach Barre at CG.
Jill Callhoun Aqua Teaches Cycling Mon 6 pm & Aqua Spin Fri 6:30 pm at CG.
Margaret (Peggy) Hoffman Aqua Spin Will teach Aqua & Aqua spin in summer. Subs for Cycling at clubs.
Jill Kitko-Bernard Aqua Spin, Aqua Yoga Teaches HIIT Plus Mon 5:30 pm at SSC, Cardio Tone Mon 10:45 am and Insanity Sat 8 am at AC.
Regina Little Aqua Spin Working on the schedule.
Kristy Myers TRX, Barre, Aqua Teaches Body Sculpt Mon 8 am and Athletic Step Mon 5:15 pm, Cardio Dance Party Wed 6 pm, and Body Sculpt Wed 7 pm at SSC.
Christine Nwosu Aqua Spin Working on the schedule.
Rhonda Smith Aqua Spin Teaches Aqua Fitness Mon 9:30 am at CG, Aqua Combo Thurs 8 am & Sun 9 am at Swim Center, Aqua Arthritis Sat 11 am at AC. Will teach outdoor aqua fitness classes and will teach Aqua Spin at CG. Working on those schedules.


For more information about Haven’s upcoming closure, check out our FAQs here.

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