The Latest on Symphony Woods Park

November 25, 2020

Symphony Woods Park sign


Columbia Association (CA) wants to genuinely thank the community for their comments and questions about Symphony Woods Park, specifically when it comes to the Symphony of Lights. This has been a trying year for everyone, and we understand how the uncertainty and complexity surrounding this event could add to that frustration.


The organization does not comment publicly about the details of ongoing legal proceedings, and the latest decision from the court certainly does not end this process. It’s important to note, however, that CA is not and has never been opposed to events that utilize our Open Space in a respectful and sustainable way consistent with the CA’s greater mission and initiatives. We expect anyone using the land to value it as much as we all do, and we remain committed to ensuring that all of Columbia’s Open Space is used and regarded appropriately.


CA is excited to work with neighbors to expand on all community traditions, ones that benefit our families, our charitable partners and our precious green space. Still, CA remains focused on our greater mission and overarching initiatives. We look forward to the opportunities the next month, the next year and beyond bring to this community.


If you’re interested in learning more about the legal proceedings, you can read more about that process here.


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