Update on Symphony Woods Agreement

March 26, 2022

Columbia Association (CA) continues to work diligently to ensure all open space is being used in ways that protect, respect and sustain the land. We are confident in the steps our organization has taken thus far to achieve this outcome. 

Last November, CA announced a legal agreement between our organization and the Downtown Columbia Arts and Culture Commission (DCACC) that enabled Symphony of Lights to take place while achieving the protection, respect and sustainability of Symphony Woods. This settlement reached a resolution that both organizations and their boards were able to find agreement on. Achieving this resolution meant CA could be certain of an outcome that benefited our community, protected open space and closed out the expenditure of valuable resources.

This multi-party agreement demonstrates our shared desire to forge a better way forward and focus on the future of Symphony Woods. Additionally, we hope it shows that CA is committed to seeking out opportunities that yield positive outcomes in the best interest of our environment, our partners across Columbia and the community at large. 

CA and our partners remain focused on providing clear positive results for those using Symphony Woods now and in years to come. CA and DCACC have agreed to share the settlement agreement regarding Symphony of Lights. We are proud to be charged with the protection and maintenance of open space in this community, and we will continue to hold ourselves to the highest standards of stewardship as we move forward with positive outcomes in Symphony Woods and beyond.


Lakey Boyd

President/CEO, Columbia Association

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