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March 7, 2016
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CA has been very active as an ENERGY STAR Partner with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). CA is working aggressively to implement energy efficiency upgrades in numerous facilities and to communicate the benefits of ENERGY STAR programs to the community.

Effective energy management is an important way to lower utility costs, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and improve overall sustainability. Since 2012, CA has reduced its energy use intensity by 20% and its GHG emissions by more than half. Dozens of LED lighting projects have been implemented, ENERGY STAR HVAC units are installed as a standard, and electricity use is fully offset with solar and wind sources.

ac unit being lifted by a craneCA continues to look for opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of its operations through equipment upgrades and optimizing how existing equipment is used. Efforts undertaken by CA to reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions include:

  • Replacing metal halide light fixtures with high-efficiency fluorescent fixtures in the arenas at Columbia Athletic Club, Supreme Sports Club, and Columbia Gym — reducing energy consumption by 50% and decreasing annual operating costs by more than $30,000.
  • Installing more than 1,000 energy efficient lamps at the fitness clubs, Columbia Swim Center, and Owen Brown Tennis Club — reducing energy consumption for lighting by 22 to 50%.
  • Installing of high-efficiency condensing boilers and on-demand water heaters throughout the building portfolio, as well as HVAC equipment that meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR standards.
  • Conducting energy audits at Columbia Art Center, Stonehouse, Columbia Gym, Columbia Athletic Club, and Supreme Sports Club.
  • Improving operating practices to ensure equipment is being used efficiently and that energy-consuming devices and equipment are turned off when not needed.
  • Designing new facilities such as the Hobbit’s Glen Golf Club clubhouse and Long Reach Tennis Club to be as energy-efficient as possible.
  • Upgrading interior and exterior lighting to LED technology throughout CA’s building portfolio.
  • Installing a 60kW combined heat and power (CHP) cogeneration unit at Supreme Sports Club, improving overall energy efficiency and reducing
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    operating costs at the 24-hour facility.

  • Installing occupancy sensors where possible.
  • Leveraging grants and rebates from the state and local utility, where applicable.
  • Managing and maintaining six electric vehicle charging stations to encourage green cars.


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