Announcing the Winner of our “Name the Aqua Mower” Contest

November 5, 2021

We are thrilled to announce that a winner has officially been named in our “Name the Aqua Mower” contest! Introducing Chompers, who was named by nine-year-old Columbia resident Quintin and voted in by the community.

For the past three decades, CA’s aqua mowers have worked tirelessly like underwater lawn mowers to control vegetation and keep our community’s lakes clean and healthy. It’s wonderful to put a “name” to the machine (thanks, Quintin)…now, it’s time to put a “face” on it!

Chompers will be undergoing a makeover this winter, when he goes into hibernation. In the meantime, check out some pictures captured from Quintin’s “meet and greet” with Chompers and members from CA’s Open Space team.

Stay tuned for his new look and grand reveal come springtime!

Quintin on the aqua mower

Learn more about CA’s aqua mowers here.

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