Energy Recycling at Supreme Sports Club

June 8, 2021

Did you know that energy can be recycled in ways similar to newspaper or aluminum cans?

If you’ve visited Supreme Sports Club in the past few years, you’ve experienced it firsthand! Read on to learn more about how energy recycling works.


Sustainability at SSC

Why the need for energy recycling in the first place? Well, a person exercising gives off a great deal of heat energy as those thousands of calories are being burned. This heat energy released in the gym by our members increases the temperature of the space, and air-conditioning units mounted on the roof are used to remove that heat and transfer it to the outside air. The air-conditioning systems at our gyms work hard to make the air comfortable for our members. 

Beginning in 2015, CA began replacing several of the air-conditioning units on the roof of SSC with new high efficiency (ENERGY STAR certified) models to save energy, improve reliability, and reduce operating costs. 

In addition to being efficient mechanically, the new equipment includes a heat recovery system linked to the hot water supply. Instead of simply transferring the heat from inside the building to the outdoors, these new units will transfer that heat to the incoming water supply for showers and other uses. The new equipment will also reduce energy consumption and costs associated with hot water used at the facility through this innovative approach to recycling heat energy.

So when you are “feeling the burn” at SCC you can go that extra mile knowing some of that heat energy will be coming back to you in your post-workout shower. And at the same time CA will be conserving energy, reducing costs and improving the sustainability of our operations.

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