Out in the Open (Space): Updates for Week of Dec. 21, 2020

December 20, 2020

What’s winter break? 😆😆😆


Here’s what Open Space is working on this week:

  • Bridge replacements continue around the area. ORBR-07 (off of Red Branch Rd in Oakland Ridge Industrial Park) is still being worked on, but the team expects pedestrian access to be back open in a week or so. Crews will return soon to pave things over and put the finishing touches on the project.
  • The massive tree removal effort in Long Reach should be finishing up soon. In all, about 80 trees get taken down in the areas from April Brook Circle to Summer Cloud and from Summer Cloud to Dry Stone Gate. Those trees are either dead or dying due to the Emerald Ash Borer.
  • Thanks to The Merriweather Post for featuring our stream restoration efforts after a resident voiced some concern about construction in their neighborhood. The project still has a few months to go. If you have any questions about the work going on near your home, feel free to reach out!

Stream restoration project fallen tree near Eliots Oak

  • You might have noticed your friendly neighborhood Bobcat plow making their way around the Pathways (here’s a post on their efforts). After the first snow of the season, our team worked hard to clear the way so everyone could enjoy the winter weather. The ice made it particularly challenging this time around, and while Open Space crews expect conditions to improve, they might need to apply more deicer to problematic spots. Please be careful while you’re out and about! That black ice is no joke.


  • We are loving the wildlife photos you all are sending in to CA! We love seeing animals hanging out in our Open Space. If you snap a shot, feel free to send it (along with your name and village) to OpenSpace.ResourceRequests@ColumbiaAssociation.org.
Elkhorn bird

A bird stands by Lake Elkhorn.

Buck by Jim Poland

Buck taken by Jim Poland

red eared slider penny otte

Turtle taken by Penny Otte

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