Ways to Celebrate Earth Month in Columbia

March 30, 2022

Earth Month is a great reminder to appreciate all the things our planet gives us, from food and water to beautiful sunsets. 

It’s also an opportunity to reflect on our behaviors and take action to protect the environment for future generations. Luckily, there’s no shortage of ways to make a positive impact here in Columbia. 

And to keep sustainability top of mind all year long, we’re excited to announce the launch of our Sustainable Columbia Facebook group a dedicated space to engage with the environmental efforts happening in our own backyard, and grow into even better stewards together. We’d love for you to join.

Now, let’s explore some ways to appreciate the nature around you and celebrate Earth Month.


Enjoy a scavenger hunt

Free prize alert! From April 15-30, you can participate in CA’s Earth Month scavenger hunt, which is full of fun challenges that benefit the environment and teach you more about our local ecosystem. Download the PDF to start earning points!


Go to GreenFest

Howard County’s largest celebration of Earth Day is happening Saturday, April 9. You can look forward to native plants for sale, free repairs for broken household items, giveaways for rain barrels and compost bins and much more. Oh, and CA’s energy management and watershed management teams will be there! Click here to learn more about GreenFest. 

Volunteer with Open Space

CA’s Open Space team welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds to come have fun, learn something new and meet their neighbors. There’s plenty of hands-on ways you can get involved, from joining the Weed Warriors to planting trees. Click here to check out more volunteer opportunities


Get crafty

Ecofriendly crafts are a great way to show your kids that caring for the earth can be fun and creative! Click here for some family-friendly ideas from Columbia Art Center Director Liz Henzey.

You can also attend Columbia Art Center’s “Exotic Birds Abound: Fun Upcycled Art Workshop” on Saturday, April 23 (10-11:30am). Ages five and up will have a blast creating exotic three-dimensional birds using recycled items. All supplies are provided (register here).  


Head outdoors

The easiest way to cultivate gratitude for nature is to experience it yourself! Columbia has no shortage of scenic routes to choose from click here to check out six family-friendly hike ideas for inspiration. You can also download the free app AllTrails to find more local trails. 


Plant a garden

Planting native species is a win-win. They beautify your yard and help preserve Columbia’s biodiversity! Here are some ideas:


Black-eyed Susan (our state flower)



Refresh your recycling IQ

This recycling quiz is a great refresher to learn what is and is not recyclable in Howard County. Here are some other helpful links to learn about proper recycling practices:


Draw your favorite outdoor spot in Columbia

Remember to share your creations with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! When you tag us in your photos, you might just see them shared with our thousands of CA followers, inspiring even more efforts across our community.


Eat locally

Buying food that is locally sourced reduces the amount CO2 created to put the food from the ground to your plate. Plus, it helps stimulate the local economy. This upcoming May, consider visiting the farmer’s market in Columbia to buy fresh produce and much more. Markets are held in different locations on Wednesday and Sunday.


Thank you!

Interested in doing more environmental projects in Columbia? Get in touch with CA Open Space (OpenSpace.ResourceRequests@columbiaassociation.org) or your village manager to see what events are happening or pitch your idea.

Thank you so much for reading! Your commitment to the environment truly has a long-term impact, and we are so grateful for your stewardship.

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