Fun and Games… From Six Feet Apart

October 7, 2020

By now, we expect siblings are pretty tired of playing with one another and only one another. Ah, brotherly/sisterly love, right?

Fact is you can still provide some social time for your kids while maintaining that sacred six feet of distance.

Paulna Fanfan-Saldana is a CA School Age Services Director who’s been leading one of our distance learning program locations for weeks now.

She knew there had to be a plan in place for play before any child showed up. Here are a few of her favorite games that can be played far enough apart:


  • Not so Solitaire

    “Having the children play games like ‘trash’ with their own deck of cards instead of being across from one another keeps the cross-contamination down.”

  • Sidewalk chalk Tic Tac Toe

    Kids can take turns drawing their X’s and O’s on the blacktop while the other stands off to the side.

  • A hands-free CA original

    “We have made up a game that doesn’t require the students to touch the ball with their hands that we play outside. I have the kids stand making different shapes like a triangle, circle, or square while socially distanced and they kick the ball to one another.” 

Staff over at Howard County Public School System recommend this list of socially distanced activities that are still, well, social! It includes things like:


Interacting is super important when we’re so virtual all of the time, so GAME ON!


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