Fun Camping Games for Families

August 2, 2021

Camping is the ultimate family getaway. You don’t have to travel far or spend a lot of money, or even be particularly outdoorsy, to enjoy quality time in the great outdoors.

Best of all, everyone gets a welcome breather from technology to focus on making memories as a family. Camping can help bring your kids closer to nature, develop a love of adventure and even equip them with some handy survival skills.

Check out a few of our favorite fun activities to take on your next outdoor adventure! 


Scavenger hunt

A nature-themed scavenger hunt is the perfect way to get acquainted with your home away from home for the weekend. Brainstorm items you’re likely to find around your campsite and make a list of what to collect. Give the kids a paper bag and then let them loose to find their treasures. If your kids are on the younger side, simplify it by scavenging for items of one color.


Nature soup

This idea is perfect for when you need to set up your campsite with little kiddos out of your hair! Bring along flashcards with “recipes” that include ingredients found in nature. For instance, maybe you create “Hedgehog Stew” out of three pinecones, two leaves, one flower, six twigs, two rocks and a big heaping of dirt. Or you can even have your kids make the recipe cards before the big trip to get them excited. They’ll love it when you pretend to sample their finished product!


Water play

Water balloons are a great way to keep cool when the sun is blazing. You can incorporate water balloon fights, relay races or even practice hitting a target. If you have squirt guns, have a contest to see who can knock the most empty cups off the edge of the picnic table.


Deck of cards

One of the most simple and entertaining things you can bring with you is a deck of cards. From slapjack to speed to crazy 8’s to war, plus adult favorites like rummy and poker, the options are endless. 



How low can you go?! Hiking sticks make the perfect limbo bar.


Nature tic-tac-toe 

The best thing about nature tic-tac-toe? All the pieces to this game can be found outdoors! To make your tic-tac-toe board, simply draw in the dirt and then invite your kids to find their own markers (rocks, acorns, etc.). 


Flashlight hide and seek

This creative twist on a classic arms the person whose “it” with a flashlight for some fun in the dark. If the flashlight beams on you, you’ve been caught. If your kids are extra wound up, you can also opt for flashlight tag. Your kids will be more than ready for a good night’s sleep!


Sleeping bag race

For kiddos that love sack races, the sleeping bag race will be a hit. To add even more hilarity, put two kids in each sleeping bag and have them work together. If you’re worried about mud, you can also use trash bags instead of sleeping bags. Belly laughs are guaranteed!


Campfire songs

Not all families are musical…but campfire songs are just as fun no matter what! We love this list from Fatherly of eight easy-to-remember classics to make memories together as a family.


Spooky story time 

There’s nothing better than firing up the campfire to tell some spooky tales that leave everyone with goosebumps. Even better if you can research historical stories about the area you’re visiting or related to your family history. Remember, the best storytellers act things out and use their body to tell a story, so don’t hesitate to bring the drama and sound effects!


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