Get on Your Feet! Here’s Some Zumba for Kids

October 28, 2020

Quick Kids’ Zumba Routine From CA


Our Zumba rock star Roxy Berkheimer is bringing us a special Parents’ Corner dance, and we are ready for it. It’s Zumba for kids, everyone!


Zumba for beginners


For anyone who has never experienced a class, Zumba is all about having a good time while getting some movement in. The cardio classes take cues from all different types of dance (like Cha Cha, Salsa, reggaeton, rumba, etc.), breaking them down into simplified moves that are repeated throughout each song. That makes it much easier to catch on. There’s also no judgment on missing a step, so even the least coordinated of us can join in on the fun. Just stay moving!


Why dance/kids’ Zumba?


Dancing is not only fun, but it’s also really good for you. It gets energy out in a way that can also promote self-expression for your kids. If they’re a little more serious about steps, nailing a routine can show your children that hard work pays off. It’s proven to keep adults healthy as well. It can be a great mental escape (which we all could use right now) and you don’t need any equipment to bust a move.


Steps for “Spread Love”


Roxy picked a great song for this kids-friendly Zumba break called “Spread Love.”


Here are the moves Roxy breaks down in her video:

Roxy kids Zumba step 1Roxy kids Zumba step 2Roxy kids Zumba step 3

  • Move #1: Step side to side, 3 bounces
  • Move #2: 4 steps to the left, 4 steps to the right
  • Move #3: Jump 8 times, thunder clap 4 times
  • Repeat!

If all else fails, just keep moving and groove to the music. The directions are in the lyrics if your kids are listening closely.


A heads up that Roxy’s voice is a little quieter than her music in this video. 



We would love to see your tiny dancers following along to this Zumba class! Show off your talented kiddos on our new CA Fit Facebook page.


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“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together” – Vincent Van Gogh

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