How to Make the Most of Fall Colors in Columbia

September 30, 2022

Okay, it means a lot more raking, but we’re choosing to focus on the beautiful fall colors we’re expected to see in Columbia over the next couple weeks. We think you should too 😉.

According to fall foliage forecasts (say that three times fast), most of the state should be near peak the week of October 17 and at peak the week of October 24. 

This is one of the best times of year to remember and appreciate how much beautiful space we have in our area, and we are sharing some favorite walks to take in the crisp autumn air.

Our Favorite Fall Walks


Don’t BeLEAVE Us?

You can also make these treks a biology lesson, explaining why leaves turn color in the first place. Our open space team suggests experiments like this one to dive into the science of leaf color change. 

Danielle also put together a simple nature scavenger hunt that taps into the colors of this season. Check it out 👇👇👇

CA’s Fall Color Scavenger Hunt

CA's Fall Scavenger Hunt

Have fun exploring, and share your discoveries with us on social media by tagging @ColumbiaAssociation on Facebook, @ColumbiaAssn on Twitter and @ColumbiaAssn on Instagram.

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