How to Make Mindfulness Fun for Kids

September 30, 2020

Do you notice days slipping away without knowing where the time went? Your kids are probably in the same boat. Checking back in is not always easy, but it can be fun! Here are some ideas on how to make mindfulness fun for kids.


Sensory Snack Time 

Food is an irresistible way to introduce the concept of mindfulness… What kid doesn’t love snacks? Place a blindfold over your child’s eyes, and then present them with a variety of small nibbles (fruit, cheese, nuts, etc.). Ask your child to give three descriptive words for each, or to guess what each food is. In addition to helping kids deliberately focus their attention, this practice can also make healthy snacking fun.


“I Spy” 

Tuning in to the five senses is a wonderful way to evoke a mindful state. Make it entertaining with a twist on the classic game “I Spy.” Encourage your kids to “spy” what they hear, smell, see, feel and taste… leave no stone unturned!


Mindfulness Safari

The goal here is to to again tap into the five senses to drop into the present. Kids are actually naturals at this already. As a result, you may want to join in and follow their cues. See how long you can explore the familiar territory of your yard in silence. Touch plants, smell flowers, gaze at the birds, pick up rocks and feel the grass beneath your feet. When you return inside, break your vow of silence and share your adventures, or maybe even bring a souvenir or two to add a touch of nature to your home decor.


Godspeed, mind wanderers!



CA insider info: KidzEscape is now open on Saturday mornings, in addition to Wednesday mornings! That means you can drop your kids off at Supreme Sports Club for two hours, knowing they are in a safe, socially distanced and fun space.



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