St. Patrick’s Day Family Art with Repurposed Materials

March 12, 2021

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner…and that means fun crafts galore for wee lads and lassies!

Columbia Art Center Director Liz Henzey was kind enough to share some easy yet engaging themed crafts that will strike gold with the whole family.

Enjoy, and happy St. Patrick’s day everyone!


Yarn-Wrapped Shamrocks

Supplies Required:

  • Cardboard
  • Green Yarn (optional: several shades of green yarn)
  • Green Paint (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Shamrock template



  1. Create a shamrock template by tracing one from an online printed image or create your own shamrock by drawing three hearts connected and the letter ‘J’ for the stem.
  2. Trace your shamrock template on the cardboard to create as many shamrocks as you want.
  3. Using your scissors, cut the shamrocks out of the cardboard.
  4. With the green paint (optional), paint one side of the cardboard green and let dry. You are welcome to leave the cardboard brown.
  5. Knot a piece of yarn around the back of your cardboard shamrock and take a small strip of tape to secure it.
  6. Begin wrapping and criss cross as much as possible. Stop when you feel your creation is done. It doesn’t have to be totally covered.
  7. Wrap the stem (optional).
  8. Cut off the yarn, loop the loose end through a piece of the wrapped yarn on the backside and tie a small knot to secure it.
  9. Display your creation, or group several of them in a bowl, or give as a gift!


Four Leaf Clover

Supplies Required:

  • Green pipe cleaners
  • Green and yellow beads
  • Scissors


  1. Cut two pipe cleaners in half so you have four pieces.
  2. String beads onto the pipe cleaner in a pattern such as 1 yellow, 2 green, 1 yellow, 2 green. Note:  Make sure to leave a quarter inch on each end unbeaded.
  3. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with the remaining three pipe cleaners.
  4. Connect each pipe cleaner’s ends by twisting them. You now have four beaded leaves.
  5. Cut a third pipe cleaner into thirds.
  6. Arrange the four leaves in the position of a shamrock and connect them with two of the small pipe cleaner pieces.
  7. Using the last small pieces of the pipe cleaner, wrap it around the center of the leaves and pull through the bottom to make the stem.
  8. Display or give as a gift. Optional: Glue a magnet on the back to create a refrigerator four leaf clover magnet.


Mosaic Paper Shamrocks

Supplies Required:

  • Green poster board or heavy green cardstock
  • Paper – solid and patterned in various shades of green
  • Glue Pen or Glue Stick
  • Scissors


  1. Cut the assorted green papers into strips ½” wide and then cut the strips into squares.
  2. Cut a shamrock shape out of the green poster board or card stock. (Note: you can use a shamrock template from online or draw your own by connecting three hearts and adding the letter “J” as its stem.)
  3. Apply glue to the entire shamrock surface.
  4. Place your paper mosaic squares onto your shamrock in a pattern or free form design.
  5. If the mosaic squares overlap the edge of the shamrock, you may like the effect and leave as is, or you can easily trim them after your mosaic masterpiece has dried.
  6. Display in your home or give as a gift.


For More Crafting Fun…

The Columbia Art Center is home to creative classes, programs and workshops for all ages! Check out their website to learn more.

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