Charles Dennis
Charles Dennis
Position Personal Trainer
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You don't have to be a bodybuilder or a professional athlete to enjoy the awesome mental and physical health benefits of an active, healthy lifestyle. Sometimes our busy lifestyles, work schedules and past experiences can make improving our health and fitness seem difficult. I believe that anyone can adopt a healthy lifestyle and beat their fitness goals with the right support. Every workout should be something to look forward to, enjoyable and most of all, unique to you. Everyone has their own goals and the ability to meet and exceed these goals. The right training support can help people discover that they always had the ability to get healthier and be awesome while doing it, it just needs some commitment and determination.

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Currently studying to become an ACE fitness nutritionist

Core, back and shoulder flexibility
Se habla español

5 years as a classroom teacher
1 year as a ski instructor
I've been doing yoga since 2008, and I'm still learning new stuff

Bachelor’s degree in Business and Events
Masters in Elementary Education