We are excited to share our latest edition of our Activities Guide. There are changes to this spring/summer edition that we want to share with you. The spring/summer 2020 Guide is the leanest and greenest of all past guides —24 pages shorter, using far less paper and helping to maintain our focus on our environment. This guide will soon only need to be produced twice a year.  

This decision was also made with you in mind: We’re focused on serving our members with the most accurate, up-to-date information possible. Providing these updates is done a lot more easily digitally versus once a publication is printed. That’s why we’ve moved almost all of the dates, times, and prices for our programs onto our new website, too. Same URL; fresh look and faster, easier-to-use navigation. 

We’ll keep working to further improve the many ways that CA serves you!

CA’s Spring/Summer Activities Guide