Did you know that several of Haven on the Lake’s mind-body classes are now being offered in CA’s fitness clubs? What’s more exciting is that a majority of the incredible Haven instructorslady doing a yoga pose are now leading these new class additions. 

Whether you’re interested in yoga, aqua spin, Pilates, or beyond, we’d love for you to visit and experience the rejuvenating benefits in the safe environment of our fitness clubs (including a brand-new Pilates studio at Columbia Gym). Haven members are welcome to join a Fit & Play or 1Fit membership for renewal rates.

Here’s more detail on the offerings transitioning from Haven to CA…

  • All of Haven’s Pilates teachers are moving to Columbia Gym, where a brand-new studio will open in mid-May. You’ll also notice all the same equipment you’re used to, from the reformers to the chairs.
  • Just like at Haven, Pilates will continue to be fee-based at CG. There will be privates, duets, and reformer groups. Five and ten class packages will be available for the groups.
  • Mat Pilates will be offered at one or more clubs, free to CA Fit&Play and 1Fit members at the club where it is offered.
  • The new Barre Pilates class will continue at Columbia Gym (Mondays 9:30 am).

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  • CA is in the works of installing a physical barre at Columbia Gym. A traditional barre program will launch in mid-May, free to CA Fit&Play and CCG1Fit members.
  • Total Body Barre classes (without a barre) will continue at all three fitness clubs, free to members.

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  • Haven’s Hydrorider aqua bikes will move to Columbia Gym in early May.
  • Aqua Spin classes will be offered three times per week in the summer, and more classes will be added in the fall. Free to CA Fit&Play and CG1Fit members.

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  • Aqua yoga class will now be offered in the Columbia Athletic Club therapy pool starting May 5 on Wednesdays at 9:30 am.
  • The class will be free to CA Fit&Play andAC1Fit members.

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Aerial workshops fee-based program will begin in May at Columbia Gym.

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  • Community Tai Chi classes will move to Columbia Athletic Club (Sundays 11 am). Free to CAFit&Play and AC1Fit members, and $7 for Columbia Card holders on a space-available basis.
  • There will be a new monthly outdoor yoga class held at the Chrysalis in Symphony Woods from May to September (5/8, 6/10, 7/10, 8/14, 9/11 and 10/16). This will be a free class open to the community and held 9-10 am (except for 5/8, which will be 8:30-9:30 am). Bring your own yoga mat.

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While not all details are set in stone, the chart below provides a quick look at what we know at this time (schedule subject to change).

For questions or more information, contact CA’s fitness clubs:

Supreme Sports Club (410) 381-5355
Columbia Gym (410) 531-0800
Columbia Athletic Club (410) 730-6744