Bike From Your Village to the Lakefront

June 7, 2022

Biking is a great way to explore Columbia while helping to protect the green spaces we love so much. Less pollution and congestion makes for a healthier community — something we at CA wholeheartedly support!

To encourage neighbors to consider biking to Lakefront Live, July 4th celebrations, Festive Fridays or any event at the Lakefront, our friends at the Howard County Office of Transportation compiled biking directions from 13 locations around the Columbia community and the surrounding county. 

We’re big fans of multi-modal transportation and the work that the Office of Transportation is doing to promote emission-free alternatives for our community (have you heard about the new pilot e-scooter program?). We also take pride in maintaining the 95 miles of pathways in Columbia, and love to see the community enjoying them! Note: All of these directions place you directly at the Lakefront. 

We can’t wait to see you there! 


From Dorsey Search Village Center (2.9 miles): 


















From Oakland Mills Village Center (0.4 miles): 

From Harper’s Choice Village Center (2.8 miles): 


From Owen Brown Village Center (2.9 miles): 


From Hickory Ridge Village Center (3.1 miles): 


From River Hill Village Center (7.5 miles): 


From Kings Contrivance Village Center (5.1 miles): 


From Columbia Town Center (Vantage Point office) (0.9 miles): 


From Long Reach Village Center (3 miles): 


From Wilde Lake Village Center (2.2 miles):


From Main Street Ellicott City (6.9 miles): 


From Main Street Elkridge (9.9 miles): 


From Historic Savage Mill (8.1 miles): 

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