Dredging at Wilde Lake to begin soon, work expected to continue into December

October 24, 2017

Wilde Lake will have approximately 15,000 yards of sediment removed from the upper portion of the lake and the cove area before the end of 2017. This project will also involve stabilizing the edge of the lake.

Lake Services Inc. will begin setting up its equipment in a staging area this week. The firm will operate on weekdays from 7am to dusk, loading sediment into a barge, transporting it to the staging area, and then loading it into sealed trucks that will bring the sediment to an off-site placement area that has been developed by CA and approved by the Howard County Government. There will also be minor maintenance work on weekends.

The actual dredging work is expected to be completed by the end of the year. Once the dredging begins, there will be a detour so that people may continue to walk, jog and bike around the lake. 

This is part of CA’s Sediment Management Plan. CA expects to remove sediment from these areas of Wilde Lake every three to four years, which will keep the volume of sediment manageable and will prevent it from migrating into the main body of the lake.

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