Columbia Solar Cooperative

March 18, 2016

Columbia Association has partnered with Retrofit Baltimore, a program of the nonprofit Civic Works, to implement a solar and home energy efficiency upgrade cooperative in the Columbia community. Retrofit Baltimore will guide you through each step of the energy improvement process and ensure you receive quality work from a vetted contractor. Community members will benefit from a bulk discount by purchasing these services solar panels

  • Go solar and secure your solar coop discounted rate! A typical project saves around 20% off general market-rate costs of a solar system.
  • Federal tax credits cut the costs of solar by 30% in the first year.
  • State incentives cut the costs of solar by at least $1,000 more!

Home Energy Efficiency Upgrade Cooperative

Learn how to improve home comfort by eliminating drafts and hot/cold rooms, save up to 20% on utility bills, and protect the environment.

  • Home energy audits are $100 (a $400 value).
  • Rebates cut the cost of energy improvements by 50% (up to $2,000 total).
  • LEDs, advanced power strips, pipe insulation, shower heads, and other energy-saving products are installed at the energy audit (at no cost)

Sign up at: Air Leaks

You can also contact your energy advocate at or 410-929-6084 to get more information about this exciting program.

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