Overview of the budget process

Approving Columbia Association’s (CA) budget is one of the key tasks CA’s Board of Directors undertakes every year. During this important process, the Board sets limits for the Annual Charge and membership rates, determines investments in the different programs and services CA offers and allocates funds for capital projects. 

The budget input and approval process culminates in late February when the budget for the upcoming fiscal year is approved. CA’s annual budgets begin on May 1 and end April 30 the following year. 

Village boards, advisory committees, community groups and individual residents are encouraged to participate in online input opportunities, Resident Speakout and special information sessions throughout this process. It is important to us that your priorities are heard.

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CA’s Board is currently in the process of evaluating the Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 budget, which begins May 1, 2022. We want to make sure you have ample opportunities to understand the budget and let the Board know what you think is important. Your input helps our organization continue serving this community in the most meaningful ways possible.

That said, this budget process will look a little different than years past.

It’s important to note that the closer we get to the budget’s approval, the more concrete details become and the more difficult it can be to have an impact. We encourage anyone looking to effect change in the budget to get involved in the earlier part of the process and let the Board know what your priorities are for CA.

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This process started back in July, when the Board asked CA staff to define three scenarios. These are meant to help the Board to better determine the trade offs of budget priorities.

CA staff presented those prebudget test case scenarios to the Board during its regularly scheduled meeting on October 28. Click here to watch a recording of that meeting on our CA Live Stream YouTube channel. The presentation on the FY2023 prebudget test case scenarios begins right around 46:30. Keep in mind that you’re always welcome to participate in Resident Speakout during Board meetings.

Additionally, CA staff hosted a special information session on November 4, where members of the community were able to learn more about the process and ask questions directly to senior staff. Click here to watch a recording of that special information session on our CA YouTube channel

The Board will consider the public input as they discuss the options and consider modifications to the scenarios presented by staff. Members of the Board will vote on the scenario during their meeting on Thursday, December 9.

The next phase of this process – which starts in January 2022 – will be focused on refining the draft from CA staff. You can read more about this year’s budget process in this blog post.

We will update information throughout the FY2023 process, so bookmark this page and check back for more information.

Past Budget and Financial information